Friday, September 2, 2011

The Last Chance (1945)

A Decent 40s World War II Film

- Set in the Second World War, The Last Chance (1945) is about two soldiers (one British and one American) who escape from a train taking them to a German prisoner of war camp and make a break for the promised land of neutral Switzerland. However, things get more complex as these soldiers run into a multi-national group of refugees and attempt to help them across the Swiss border as well - with the German army in hot pursuit.

The Last Chance is a pretty good 1940s war film with a nice depiction of the human side of the war and a very authentic feel (though not to the extent of the great 1945 war films like The Story Of G.I. Joe). Winning the International Peace Award and Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and the "Best Film Promoting International Understanding" at the Golden Globes, The Last Chance is definitely a film promoting peace and working together, showing the horrible life people were forced to live because of the Nazi's war and the many different nationalities working together (even singing a multi-lingual rendition of "Frère Jacques").

Unfortunately, outside of John Hoy the cast aspires to adequate and the film's original print has been so badly damaged and/or deteriorated that no team of highly trained DVD technicians could perfectly restore the picture - but it does not look like it would help a ton either way since it looks like hardly any money was put into making the film. But despite the C-Movie look, The Last Chance is actually a decent World War II film - and quite easily available, I might add.

CBC Rating: 6/10

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