Friday, July 15, 2011

Galaxy Quest (1999)

A Fun And Clever Sci-Fi Adventure Comedy

- About 20 years after the popular TV show Galaxy Quest is cancelled, the show's cast still find themselves stuck in their characters, unable to do anything else but attend Galaxy Quest conventions, cut ribbons at retail store openings, and sign autographs. That is, until one day when an oppressed alien race, the Thermians, mistakes the Galaxy Quest episodes for Earth's historical documents and call upon the actors to defend their people against a barbaric warrior alien race. Naturally, it being 20 years since faking it on a soundstage, the Galaxy Quest actors are a little rusty at this space adventure stuff.

Tim Allen seems to pick a lot of awful films to work on, but Galaxy Quest is not one of them. Allen is great as Jason Nesmith, who plays the captain of the Galaxy Quest TV series. He is selfish, has a massive ego, and does not treat his fellow cast members with much respect; but he does treat his fans well (most of the time) and likes what the show was. But only when Jason is sought out by the Thermians does he find out what being a leader is really all about. Allen is surrounded by a great cast: Sigourney Weaver, Sam Rockwell, Daryl Mitchell, and Enrico Colantoni are all fantastic in the film. Tony Shaloub is also in the film and is particularly funny as Fred, someone who might have smoked a little too much pot after the series was cancelled.

As good as the entire cast is, Alan Rickman is absolutely hilarious and steals every scene with a grumble and roll of his eyes. Rickman plays Alexander Dane in the film; an actor of the Shakespearian school who, because of the success of the Galaxy Quest show, is forever stuck in his one alien character repeating his nauseating trademark line. Alexander is just sick of the whole thing - and it is hilarious to watch.

Galaxy Quest includes a lot of great and hilarious performances, but everything else about the film is great as well. Screenwriter David Howard came up with a fabulous idea and it works out wonderfully in this film. With tons of generally hilarious lines and situations, Galaxy Quest has plenty of Star Trek spoof moments, equipped with a Jerry Goldsmith-like score and exploiting some of Star Trek's clich├ęs and fans. However, in all of its comedy Galaxy Quest manages to fit in some serious moments and a lot of exciting action/adventure moments featuring some great special effects. In the end, Galaxy Quest pokes fun at Star Trek while standing out on its own as a very clever and hilarious Sci-Fi adventure comedy at the same time.

CBC Rating: 8/10

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