Friday, July 15, 2011

Office Space (1999)

Um, Yeah, Hilarious Movie....

- Hey reader.... what's happening? Um, yeah, if you like comedy, I'm going to need you to see Office Space.... Yeah.... It's hilarious.... Great characters.... Funny gags.... A fine satirical swipe at office work/politics/B.S./what-have-you. Yeah.... And I'm going to need you to come in and do it on Saturday....

Peter Gibbons (played by Ron Livingston) hates his job. He works eight hours a day five to six, sometimes seven, days a week at Initech were he updates "bank software for the 2000 switch" (a long boring process that could very well have a negative influence on a person's sanity). All eight bosses come down on him like acid rain when he makes a mistake and the head boss, Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole), is especially irritating and demanding. Lumbergh is a common kind of do-nothing boss who is high on his own power ("Ooh, uh, yeah.... I'm going to have to go ahead and sort of disagree with you there."). The lame and slow-talking boss has also become an iconic character thanks to Gary Cole - much of the film's most quotable lines come from his interpretation of Bill Lumbergh.

With no motivation to work his hardest, Peter has been driven to laziness and anger by his workplace boredom. Peter's office buddies Samir (Ajay Naidu) and Michael Bolton (David Herman) are also disgruntled. Both funnel their anger towards the copy machine, Samir is particularly upset how nobody can pronounce his full name ("It's Na-gee-een-ah-jah. Nagaenajar!") and Michael Bolton hates the connection to the singer of whom he shares the same name ("Why should I change it? He's the one who sucks!"). The very talented character actor Stephen Root creates the film's most iconic character in Milton, the office's oddity who is also upset that he is being pushed around.

Peter decides that he will not be putting up with Initech anymore, a decision made easier after he gets hypnotized by a therapist who dies before snapping him out of his blissfully mind-numbing state. In his hypnotic condition, Peter decides to do things his way, which includes opening up his cubicle and not going to work at all. But when he hears that Samir and Michael are going to be fired at the end of the week, the three of them take revenge against the company that has made their lives miserable.

Mike Judge (creator of "Beavis And Butthead" and "King Of The Hill") writes and directs this hilarious office comedy (based off his animated shorts called "Milton"). Anyone who has worked in an office can understand where the film's comedy is coming from and yet because the story, humor, and characters of Office Space are so enjoyable, even those who have not worked in an office can find the film funny.

CBC Rating: 9/10

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