Saturday, July 2, 2011

King Kong (2005)

Film Overboard!
King Kong is an overdone yet mostly entertaining remake

- Peter Jackson's King Kong is an epic and entertaining adventure but do not look for too much more than that. A fun watch overall, the film is not without some drawbacks.

The cast gives performances that are spread out all over the quality spectrum. Jack Black was less horrible than usual in the film, but horrible nonetheless, and supporting actors Colin Hanks, Thomas Kretschmann, Evan Parke, and Jamie Bell are all average at best in their roles. But the film features some good performances as well. I really like Adrien Brody's performance and character - a great reincarnation the classic film good guy - and Naomi Watts performs at a very high level as usual.

Naturally, there is plenty more to enjoy about King Kong than a few good performances. The best thing about the film is its very absorbing epic all-around feel. James Newton Howard continues his streak of producing good film scores for all to enjoy here with his score for King Kong, contributing a whole lot to the film's epic nature. Also, the special effects are visually stunning, exciting, and an example of just top-notch work - you could not give the 2005 Best Special Effects Oscar to any other film. While the special effects are great, the overall look of the film could have been a lot better. The art-direction, costumes, and special effects are all well done to be sure, but the overall picture, style, and shot choices lack spice and uniqueness.

That being said, alongside Jack Black and the lackluster style I have another problem with the film: I feel that King Kong goes overboard with its gigantic action scenes and it is this aspect that drags away any chances that the film had at being truly great.

Throughout the film, SOMETHING REALLY BIG AND EXCITING HAPPENS! And then the main characters escape. Then only seconds later.... SOMETHING ELSE REALLY BIG AND EXCITING HAPPENS AGAIN! Then the main characters escape. Then seconds later SOMETHING ELSE REALLY BIG HAPPENS YET AGAIN! And I begin to get cinematically exhausted as the main characters escape. Then - surprise, surprise - ANOTHER REALLY BIG THING HAPPENS--- and so the pattern continues until the film reaches a certain point in which things need to slow down for a second so that I can puff an inhaler and take an eye break.

Still, even with its drawbacks King Kong is unquestionably an entertaining film.... But it ain't The Lord Of The Rings, Pete.

CBC Ratings: 7/10

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