Monday, August 1, 2011

Flawless (2007)

When Diamonds Are Not A Girl's Best Friend

- In an age of male-domination in the workplace, Laura Quinn (Demi Moore) has done very well for herself by becoming an executive at the London Diamond Corporation. However, she is now stuck in her current position - and that is not good enough for her. She has the time, the talent, and the experience to go further and be of more importance to the company. Yeah, she is frustrated.

The near-transparent janitor Mr. Hobbs (Michael Caine) picks up on Laura's frustration and sees an opportunity to further his own plan to steal some of the corporation's diamonds. With Laura now involved, the plan becomes reality; but when Mr. Hobbs goes too far, Laura has to battle her way out of this dilemma. Flawless (2007) is a well-done and enjoyable heist film with a twist from Michael Radford.

Demi Moore is flawless in her performance of Laura Quinn. Perfect line delivery and use of body language, Moore also makes the role very personable to the audience. From Moore's performance, the viewer feels the character's troubles that stem from her past life, current predicament, and very nature of herself. Also, Moore summons a unique accent playing an American who has lived in Britain for many years. Michael Caine is as compelling as always as the unpredictable Mr. Hobbs in the film. Complete with his scene-stealing screen presence, Caine also allows the audience to somehow root for this old man with a grudge. Lambert Wilson also gives a great performance as the imperturbable and detective-like insurance agent hot on the case.

While all the performances are great, they are not the film's only noteworthy ingredients. The story holds your interest and keeps you guessing throughout. Flawless also has an interesting look with great sets and a frosty look, flawlessly taking you back to the 1960s. Although not receiving a whole lot of public attention, Flawless really is a smart, well made, and enjoyable film.

CBC Rating: 8/10

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