Monday, August 1, 2011

The Wrong Guy (1997)

A Must-See Comedy For Dave Foley Fans

- Dimwitted office executive Nelson Hibbert (Dave Foley) is a happy man this morning: today is the day he gets that big promotion. But his "big day" and sunny attitude is quickly soured when the promotion ends up going over his head to another coworker. That does it for Nelson - it's the last straw -  and as he snaps, crackles, and pops in rage he also threatens to kill his boss in front of the entire staff.

Not cool Nelson - so not cool.

After failing to cool off and cry it all out, Nelson runs back to his boss's office to finish chewing him out - where he finds his boss dead. Uh oh.... Nelson just threatened to kill him right in front of everyone and now his boss has actually been killed - Nelson will no doubt be the prime suspect! Unknown to Nelson, the police know that he did not do it, but that does not stop him from running from the cops and bumping into the real killer along the way.

Off-beat, over the top, and highly exaggerated in the truest sense, The Wrong Guy (1997) is a unique comedy with its creative presentation and very screwball-type gags and characters. Co-writing, co-producing, and starring in this film, Dave Foley brings his colorful and off the wall comedic styling from "The Kids In The Hall" and "NewsRadio" and puts it to good use here in The Wrong Guy. Foley is terrific as Nelson Hibbert - Foley might be a humorous office worker in The Wrong Guy but he is not playing the same nervous, up-tight, and low-keyed Dave Nelson character from "NewsRadio." Here in The Wrong Guy, Foley plays this clueless and quirky Nelson Hibbert character wonderfully in a very wild and peculiar fashion.

The Wrong Guy may not be a classic or hysterically funny comedy - but it is consistently amusing with multiple laugh-out-loud situations and is a satisfactory viewing experience overall, especially for Dave Foley fans.

CBC Rating: 7/10

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