Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sex And The City (2008)

Not My Kind Of Movie

- Some potential viewers of Sex And The City: The Movie (2008) might count out my opinion right away because this film is just not my kind of movie right off the bat.

I find it completely acceptable to be a big fan of the smash television series - but I just do not get into the "Sex And The City" world. Personally, the television show and subsequent movies really seem to promote little more than the selfishness, materialism, and rampant irrationality that course through the very fiber of being of each of its main characters – and even if these characters realize that they are being selfish, materialistic and irrational, by the end of it all they come right back to where they started. I have to say that the Sex And The City movie did not change my overall impression of the world of Carrie, Sam, Charlotte, and Miranda. At the moment you thought that these four understood their misguided actions, they end up toasting their shared shallowness and bright future of perennial irrationality and materialism before the credits roll.

So there is that.... plus the fact that Ann Coulter's assessment of the series is absolutely spot-on (Vanity Fair would later sign onto this as well): these straight female characters often feel more like surrogates for gay male characters, which is just strange. Now other potential viewers might count out my opinion because I mentioned Ann Coulter in a review of Sex And The City - which, you know, would be fine as well.

Unlike some other guys who might write off the entire subgenre because no one dies or nothing gets blown up, I do like a well-written and well-acted "chick flick" now and again; but the Sex And The City really fell short on top of just not being my kind of movie. However, despite my inability to relate to the "Sex And The City" series, I will give the Sex And The City movie a little bit of credit for not being as awful as I thought it would be. One can find a handful of honest-to-goodness clever humor here and there throughout the film and will take note of a few scenes in which each of the four main actresses gets to prove that they are highly talented.

CBC Rating: 5/10

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